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Perfectpulse Technology

The health of your eyes is critical and their safety a fundamental requirement. Therefore, ALLEGRETTO WAVE EYE-Q 400 HZ comes with a unique safety feature : PerfectPulse Technology. This sophisticated technology ensures that the entire treatment and each pulse of the laser beam are completely controlled.

with ultra-fast eye tracking that follows eye movements 400 times per second, and adjusts the laser beam accordingly in less than six milliseconds. So, even when your eye moves, the treatment remains perfectly centered. It also prevents thermal effects on the eye and dryness, improving the healing process

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Small spot laser beam

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE's "Gaussian" beam was designed to create a more even and smoother corneal surface. With the smallest excimer laser beam, only 0.95 millimeters in diameter, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE allows surgeons to finely sculpt the cornea with precise accuracy. In addition, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE's proprietary beam placement pattern allows only every 5th pulse to overlap. This is critical in preventing damage from corneal heating.

Cross line projector & cyclotorsion

Finding the eye's right treatment position and avoiding displacements caused by cyclotorsion is one of the most important factors in obtaining an excellent outcome of the LASIK treatment. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q's integrated cross line projector provides the surgeon an exact alignment of the eye's position. The target diode which generates a red light cross hair on the patient's face, illustrating the correct position in coordination with the manual marks. With the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q you can also treat difficult cases or patients with a high cyclotorsion value up to 15% and still produce excellent results. This was demonstrated by the FDA clinical trials having a cornering predictability from ± 0.5 D.

Khatib Eye Clinic uses the Best Lasik Technology Mumbai India

Active Eye-Tracking System

Using a fine laser beam at such high speed, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q relies on its 400 Hz synchronous, video-based, active eye-tracker to follow even the fastest eye movements with a response time of less than 6 ms. As a pupil-based system, it tracks pupils between 1.8 mm and 8 mm, and the automatic centering mode ensures perfectly centered ablations. The closed loop tracking mode reconfirms the eye's location again before a pulse is placed on the cornea, to ensure that every pulse goes into the desired location. To monitor the patient's eye, the active eye-tracker utilizes three infrared light sources. Being infrared, the illumination sources cannot cause thermal heating. The illumination sources are independent, meaning that the tracker will continue to work even if one of the pods is covered by the surgeon's hand or a sterile drape, and the gooseneck shape of the illumination pods prevents backscattering of surgery.

Wavefront Optimization

Its state-of-the-art technology provides superior results with WaveLight's Wavefront Optimized approach. ALLEGRETTO WAVE® lasers are the only systems to use Wavefront Optimized ablation profiles as part of their treatments. The use of Wavefront Optimized ablation prevents or reduces the induction of spherical aberrations. This results in a better night vision and less sensitivity to glare. The natural shape of the human cornea is aspheric. This means that all light rays meet in one sharp focus point. Therefore the ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser systems perform an ablation with the objective of maintaining a natural postoperative corneal shape, thereby preserving the cornea's asphercity. Every treatment is customized to the patient's individual refraction and corneal curvature.