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A dedicated, well-trained Cornea specialist with extensive work experience runs the Cornea clinic at our centre. The services offered are outlined below.

Keratoconus Clinic

This condition is seen in young patients with frequent change of glass number due to change in the corneal curvature. We offer a wide range of treatment for this condition. Speciality contact lenses are offered for better vision. Collagen cross-linking with riboflavin and UV light, helps to arrest the worsening of keratoconus. There are several modifications of this technique, and each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation, after which an appropriate procedure is recommended. This can be combined with PRK to reduce the refractive error or special ring segments called INTACS, in suitable cases. Several of above procedures have been succesfully performed at our centre. We offer corneal transplant in advanced cases only.

Cornea Transplantation

Patients needing cornea transplant are the ones with corneal decompensation, infections, dystrophies and corneal scars. We offer full thickness cornea transplant as well the newer anterior and posterior lamellar corneal transplant, where only the diseased layer is changed. Young children and babies may also need cornea transplant, and timely decision for surgery is essential.

Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Clinic

We deal with several conditions like pterygium, dry eye, allergies, autoimmune disorders affecting the eye, chemical injuries and complex conditions like Stevens-Johnson syndrome and Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid. The options for treatment (depending on the cause) includes eye drops, punctal plugs, scleral lenses, pterygium excision with autograft (sutureless), pannus removal, amniotic membrane transplant, limbal stem cell transplant, mucous membrane grafts and keratoprosthesis.

Cornea Ulcer Clinic

Infections like bacterial, viral and fungal keratitis are managed with eye drops in all cases, cyanoacrylate glue application in cases with perforation, or cornea transplant in non responding cases.

Cosmetic Surgery

Patients with white cornea can be given a good cosmetic outcome by prosthetic contact lenses or by using a colour dye in the surgery called Corneal Tattooing.