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Difference between Conventional LASIK
and Custom Optimized LASIK

Conventional LASIK

Normal LASIK treatment results in a condition called Spherical Abberration, where the cornea was shaped like a Sphere. In spherical aberration, central rays of light are focused correctly, however, the peripheral rays of light are focused in front of the retina. This results in the formation of glare and haloes at night when the pupil dilates, and decreased contrast sensitivity.

Custom Lasik Mumbai India
Spherical surface has 2 point foci

Custom Lasik Mumbai India
Peripheral rays meet in front of Retina and central rays meet on the retina
Marked Spherical Aberration


Custom Optimized LASIK

In Custom Optimized LASIK, the peripheral corne is also reshaped resulting in true Aspheric Corneal shape or Prolate Cornea. This means that the peripheral light rays also meet at the same point focus as the central rays on the retina. This results in crystal clear vision even in dim light conditions without glare or haloes and an excellent Contrast sensitivity.

The Allegretto Wavelight Laser machine offers Customized treatment profiles that incorporates Wavefront Principles as the standard treatment profiles for all patients. Every procedure is tailored to the patients corneal curvature and refraction with the intention to preserve the natural Aspheric shape of the cornea to improve the quality of vision in all light conditions.

Prolate or Aspheric Surface
All rays meet on Retina
No Spherical Aberration