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What are Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)?
Intraocular lenses, commonly referred to as IOLs, are implantable lenses used to replace the eye's natural crystalline lens during cataract surgery. An IOL will assume the function of the natural lens and will be undetectable.

Today, IOLs are available as:
Monofocal lenses (correcting vision for one distance) (image-acrysoft IQ – plain)
Accommodating lenses (correcting for near, far, and intermediate vision) (image - crystalens)
Toric lenses (astigmatism correcting) (image - acrysoft toric)
Multifocal lenses (correcting for near, far, and intermediate vision) (image - restore)

Choosing the Right Lens

There are countless varieties of intraocular lenses. All lenses contain a clear central portion for focusing the light (called the "optic") and some type of flexible arms for supporting the lens inside the eye. The optic of the lens acts just as your natural lens once did, except that it cannot adjust its focus. As a result, you may need to wear regular bifocal glasses following surgery in order to get the best possible vision, especially for reading.

Recent advances in intraocular lens designs and surgical techniques have permitted us to implant lenses through small incisions. These incisions are so small that almost no astigmatism is created, and no sutures are required to close the incision. Depending upon the condition of your eye, you may or may not be a candidate for one of these types of implants.

Multifocal premium lifestyle lenses are now available. Multifocal lenses provide a full range of vision and greatly reduce your dependency on glasses.

IOL Implants Mumbai India
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There have been remarkable advances in cataract surgery in the past several years. We have gone from the time when people needed to lie still in bed for six weeks to an era in which outstanding vision is usually restored, often within a week or two. We look forward to discussing any of these matters further with you.


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