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Premium IOLs

Premium Lens Implant

Premium IOL Implants Mumbai India

Premium Lens Implants (IOLs) – Cataract Surgery Lens Implants available at Khatib Eye Clinic

Wearing reading glasses after cataract surgery is no longer the only option. Khatib Eye Clinic offers to implant a new generation of IOLs that are specifically designed to provide vision at all distances, mostly reducing or possibly eliminating your need for glasses.

There are several available premium lenses, and our doctors will suggest you the best IOL suiting your visual needs.

Choosing the Right Premium Lens for You!

Until recently, cataract patients had few choices for the implants used to restore their vision. With the premium lens procedure you now have several choices based on your individual visual needs and lifestyle. In order to decide which lens will be most suitable for you, you can discuss with Dr Khatib who will do a thorough evaluation and decide if you can be a suitable candidate for Premium IOLs.

Lifestyle Items to Reflect Upon Prior to Choosing an IOL.
What are your hobbies?
Do you read for multiple hours a day?
Do you work and what is your occupation?
Do you drive a lot at night?
Do you use computers frequently?
What are your favorite outdoor activities?

What are the Different Types of Premium Lens Implants?

Premium IOL Implants Mumbai India

Premium lens implants can be very exciting for patients that want to have a new level of glasses freedom after cataract surgery or with clear lens extraction. Due to the complex nature of each person's visual system, it is difficult for a patient to make an assessment about the right lens, without consulting a medical ophthalmologist. Therefore, we highly suggest a consultation with the Dr Khatib before making any decision on a lens implant during Cataract Surgery