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Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery

  • Contoura Vision is a truly customized LASIK surgery.
  • In Contoura, a unique photograph of the cornea is captured using special device (Topolyzer Vario) prior to surgery.
  • This photograph maps 22,000 points on the surface of the cornea.
  • This photograph is imported into the LASIK machine for surgery.
  • Along with removal of the spectacle number using conventional LASIK, the Contoura software also uses the imported corneal photograph to remove every small surface irregularity from the cornea.
  • The result is a highly smooth corneal surface with zero number leading to excellent, crisp and extremely high quality vision without glasses.
  • As per an FDA study, after Contoura treatment, upto 65% of patients report better vision without glasses as compared to vision with glasses prior to surgery. This results in better than normal vision: something which only Contoura LASIK can give you!


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What a wonderful experience with KEC! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition.

contoura vision mumbai


Contoura vision Mumbai doctor of few words but very polite and caring. A doctor who is always happy to cure his patients is not money minded. Not to mention when we come for an appointment at the clinic, the waiting time is very short.
Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai


The staff is very disciplined and procedures are also done very systematically. Frankly I am very satisfied with my operation done by Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai as I did not experience any pain nor problems during my operation.
Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai


I had LASIK surgery with Contoura Vision two days ago. The entire procedure went so well that I was very satisfied with it. The operation and follow-up care provided by the support team are excellent. Anyone in need of eye treatment is welcome to come in for treatment and specific post-surgery care. In addition, the fees are low. This is the best place for Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai.
Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai


It was a wonderful experience with Khatib Eye Clinic. Everyone here is extremely friendly, and they provide the best care and hospitality. I'm very happy with my appointment and doctor. Had amazing contoura vision Mumbai.

Recently Asked Questions

Contoura Vision TopoGuided LASIK is a revolutionary technology that improves the results of LASIK surgery. It corrects vision based on corneal topography (corneal curvature maps), as opposed to traditional LASIK surgery, which solely corrects vision based on glasses or contact lens prescription.

Contoura vision is the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technique for correcting vision issues. For the patient, it is completely safe and comfortable. It out performs LASIK and SMILE in terms of results.

The finest clinic for Contoura Vision is Khatib Eye Clinic. We have the best ophthalmologist for doing Contoura Vision surgery with the highest success rate and effective cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Refractive surgery refers to a number of procedures that cure refractive errors and minimise or remove the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, and presbyopia are all treated with refractive surgery.

Resting your eyes is one of the most underappreciated advice for a thorough eye examination. You should avoid drinking coffee and avoid putting too much strain on your eyes. Don't put off getting your eyes checked because it may affect your vision.

According to the doctor for Contoura vision Mumbai, the tests include an examination of the corneal composition, shape and thickness, the optics of eyes, tear production, intraocular pressure, pupil size, lubrication of the eyes and refraction. All these factors are considered for determining if a patient is suitable for undergoing LASIK.

According to the doctor for contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai, lasik can be performed more than once, but more than three treatments may be harmful to your health and could be fruitless in the end by causing even more severe vision problems.

Contoura Vision is the newest, safest, and most advanced method of removing specs. Contoura Vision is a new FDA-approved procedure that outperforms LASIK and SMILE in terms of results. It is swiftly gaining favour among patients. Khatib Eye Clinic offer the safest contoura vision mumbai.

The procedure in Mumbai may vary in cost between ₹75,000 and ₹90,000 (approx.) and price is affected by many factors.

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery Mumbai

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