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By automatically reacting to crucial procedural factors as they change, Stellaris Elite empowers cataract surgeons with exacting controi over every moment of cataract surgery. No matter how routine or challenging the case, Stellaris Elite lets you focus on the surgery-not the system

Bausch and Lomb Millennium Phacoemulsification system

The Millennium is one of the oldest and most reliable Phacoemulsification machines. Unlike most other machines, it works on a Venturi principle where the vacuum generation and fluidics is much faster to develop, hence leads to a very efficient phacoemulsification. What stands apart in this machine is the dual linear foot pedal system, which allows the surgeon to be in complete control at all times during surgery.

Wavelight EX 500 Excimer Laser

The WaveLight Ex500 is worldwide the leading LASIK machine at present. It is the world’s fastest excimer laser which minimizes dehydration of the corneal bed to increase treatment outcome accuracy. That means better vision. SpeedEach “burst” of the Alcon EX 500 Laser lasts mere billionths of a second before the laser shifts to its next position-up to 100 times faster than some lasers. The machine uses a small-spot laser beam, which allows LASIK specialists to shape the cornea in finer, more gradual increments for a smoother surface with eye-tracking technology 8 times faster than some of the competition. Using the custom-optimized mode, the Alcon EX 500 Laser creates a “map” of your eyes and their unique characteristics to assist the surgeon in creating a personal vision profile. This map serves as a guide that helps doctors locate the eye’s exact treatment position, which is one of the most important factors in obtaining a more naturally shaped cornea and therefore an excellent refractive outcome, especially when correcting eyes with high astigmatism.

Zeiss MDO operating Microscope with Omniglow

Zeiss are the world leaders in optics and Zeiss operating microscopes are the gold standard for optimum visualization during ophthalmic surgeries. With the recent addition of Omniglow, our microscope has become a fully stereo-coaxial system which allows better red reflex, excellent depth perception and superior clarity, which ultimately leads to good outcomes following surgery.

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What a wonderful experience with KEC! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition.



PHACOEMULSIFICATION SYSTEM Mumbai doctor is very polite and patient. They explain everything in detail. They detected astigmatism in my son at a very early age which helped in keeping his power to be constant.


Excellent staff service. very good coordination among the staff they use good eye clinic equipment Mumbai attention to the patient and have a homely atmosphere. It doesn't feel like a hospital and I would definitely recommend them to my family members.


Khatib Eye Clinic has the PHACOEMULSIFICATION SYSTEM Mumbai, which helps them to control every stage of treatment. Before starting treatment, the doctor tells me that they have developed the best treatment, which is so good about this place. I was so confident before my treatment, I was pretty sure and have good faith in the doctors, and I really want to thank everyone.


I came to Khatib Eye Clinic for cataract treatment and was so happy to learn that they have the best eye clinic equipment Mumbai and that everything available at the clinic is so safe, and that they have approved doctors for using it. What else could you ask for from a treatment centre where everything is so clean? I will definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the PHACOEMULSIFICATION SYSTEM Mumbai doctor, systematic reviews have generally concluded that multifocal IOLs result in better uncorrected near vision and greater spectacle independence, but more unwanted visual phenomena such as glare and halos, compared to monofocal IOLs.

Uncomplicated cataract surgery usually takes no longer than about 10 minutes to perform. Immediately after the surgery, you will rest in a recovery area until you are less groggy from sedation or anesthesia. Typically this takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

Phacoemulsification is a contemporary cataract surgical technique in which the eye's internal lens is emulsified and aspirated from the eye using an ultrasonic handpiece. To keep the anterior chamber clean, aspirated fluids are replenished with irrigation of a balanced salt solution. Khatib Eye Clinic has the best PHACOEMULSIFICATION SYSTEM Mumbai.

The most common cataract surgery procedure is phacoemulsification. Cataract surgery restores vision in individuals whose vision has become clouded due to cataracts, a clouding of the lens of the eye.Khatib Eye Clinic have the best eye clinic equipment Mumbai.