View The Latest Eye Machines At KEC


KEC is equipped with the REVO FC60 which is one of the latest and most advanced spectral domain OCT machines available today. It is a multifaceted machine which can be used for various specialties in Ophthalmology.

OCT Retina

This module gives a high magnification cross section view of the retina that help in the diagnosis, management and follow up of various retinal disorders including Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration and many more

OCT Glacuoma

This module helps to diagnose very early cases of glaucoma that may not be picked up by other tests or routine clinical examination. It shows very precisely the the retinal nerve fibre layer thinning, which is an early feature of glaucoma, hence can be used to prevent further progression of the disease.

OCT Angiography

OCT Angiography is a very new tool that is an upcoming technology in the field of retinal diseases. One of the few centres in Mumbai to possess this facility, OCT Angiography can allow us to see retinal blood circulation in a totally non invasive way. The conventional methods of retinal angiography need a dye injection and can be cumbersome to perform. OCT Angiography is an excellent tool with massive potential to treat retinal disorders.

Corneal Tomography with Pachymetry

This cornea module provides necessary information about the corneal thickness, corneal curvature and individual profiles for different layers of the cornea. This test is specifically done for LASIK patients pre-operatively to see if their eyes are suitable to undergo LASIK surgery.

Haag-Streit Octopus 600 Visual Field Analyser

Visual Field Analysis or Perimetry is an essential test that needs to be done for all glaucoma patients to monitor progression of their disease. The Octopus 600 is an excellent and efficient Perimeter that performs the test faster than most other machines. Normal machines can take upto 15 to 12 minutes per perimetry test, but with the Octopus machine’s TOP strategy and intelligent learning algorithms, the test can be done inside 5 minutes per eye. Overall, one of the most sophisticated Perimeter machines available today.

Tomey OA-2000 Optical Biometer

Optical Biometry is one of the most important machines to have today for accurate lens measurements in cataract surgery. It is the key to get a good refractive result following cataract surgery and avoid the need for wearing glasses after surgery. The Tomey OA2000 is the leading Optical Biometer in the market with exceptionally accurate and fast measurements. Moreover, unlike most other optical biometers in the market, this machine takes accurate readings even in the most advanced cataracts which ensures that we get good results for all patients. The added benefit of this machine is that it has an independent Corneal Topography module, for measuring the corneal curvature and regularity.

Zeiss IOLMaster 500

This is the gold standard optical biometer from Zeiss which is worldwide the most popular machine for lens measurements prior to cataract surgery. The beauty of this machine lies in its ease of use and fast measurements.

Carl Zeiss Visulite Fundus Camera and Retinal Fluorescein Angiography

When it comes to camera optics and lenses, Zeiss products stand out. This extremely refined Fundus camera from Zeiss takes high quality photographs of the retina, and is used for retinal angiography with Fluorescein dye. Retinal angiography is an important tool for retinal disorders especially Diabetic Retinopathy grading and management.

Huwitz HDR 9000 Digital Phoropter

Our centre is one of the few hospitals in Mumbai to possess a digital phoropter. Gone are the days when spectacle number is given by making patients wear a trial frame and putting lenses one by one to check the number. A phoropter allows spectacle number check up through a fully automatic arm that has all types of lenses inbuilt and controlled by the doctor using a smart tablet. This provides us the opportunity to fine tune the spectacle number to the most accurate level without wasting much time.

Huwitz HRK 9000 Autorefractometer

This autorefractometer from Huwitz is a refined and futuristic machine. Along with having an autorefractometer which gives the refraction of the patient, it has many other modes like Abberometry, Retroillumination mode, and Colour Photograph mode which can be very useful. The Retroillumination mode is used to pick up very early cataracts by using a strong infrared light, which sometimes cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Huwitz HLM 7000 Digital Lensmeter

Lensmeters are machines which can measure the power of lenses and spectacles. The newly designed user interface and algorithm of the HLM 7000 provides quick and accurate measurements of spectacle power with improved wide measurement range. The extensive diopter measurement ability helps to measure wide range of lenses and is also very accurate for measuring progressive glasses.