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What a wonderful experience with KEC! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition.

eye institute in mumbai


Eye institute in Mumbai was well informed of all the do's and don'ts pre and post surgery. I strongly recommend this institute.
eye institute in mumbai


The Ophthalmology training in Mumbai professors are very nice and understanding. Being very helpful and guided about the problem made me understand how the process goes.
Opthalmology training in Mumbai


Khatib Eye Clinic is the Best Eye institute in Mumbai. They have the best videos and very good reasons to learn and everything is provided in a very simple way. I really love the things they offer.
Opthalmology training in Mumbai

Iqbalmachinewala Machinewala

Ophthalmology training in Mumbai offered by the Khatib Eye Clinic is really valuable. They really have a nice way to teach and have the most modern reason and everything which makes learning so simple and easy and I love the offer by the Khatib Eye Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to Eye Institute in Mumbai professors, cold welding, or contact welding, is a solid-state welding process that requires little or no heat or fusion to join two or more metals together. Also known as cold pressure welding, this process to join metals without heat was first recognised in the 1940s, although the history of cold welding goes back much further.

According to Ophthalmology training in Mumbai professors, fiber laser welding is one of many laser processes and is used to join various materials together by creating a strong weld between them. While this is most commonly used for metals, it is a process that isn't only limited to this type of material.

Yes, the eye institute in mumbai Khatib Eye Clinic provides training videos that can be used for learning.

Yes, Khatib Eye Clinic offers Ophthalmology training in Mumbai.