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What a wonderful experience with KEC! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition.

WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai


My mother at the age of 65yrs old has gone for WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai. Before going to surgery she had blurred vision in left eye. She was unhappy. But today after surgery she is happy to have clear vision for distance.
WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai


After receiving treatment, which I have come to expect and appreciate, I feel so proud and satisfied. Doctors usually share all of the facts with me, making me feel like I was a part of the treatment. This is the best clinic, and I found it to be really comfortable, which is very wonderful. There WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai is really impressive.
WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai


If you have any eye difficulties, I would recommend this facility. This place seems a lot like home; everyone is friendly, and everyone gives their all; the entire clinic is focused on the patient's experience and the finest treatment; their WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai is extremely nice and helpful, and it has increased the treatment outcome accuracy several times.
WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai


The doctors and everyone at the hospital are so kind that I enjoy going here. Someone recommended this place to me because they have the best technology for treating eye problems like Excimer Laser WaveLight Mumbai. After consulting with doctors here, I was extremely impressed that my surgery went so well, and I was grateful to the entire team at the Khatib Eye Clinic, who went above and beyond to provide the best care possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to WaveLight Excimer Laser Mumbai doctor, a long-term consequence of cataract surgery is posterior capsular opacification (PCO). PCO is the most common complication of cataract surgery. PCO can begin to form at any point following cataract surgery.

Excimer lasers are used in a variety of fields, including industry and medicine because they have the ability to oscillate at extremely high effectiveness for lasers in the ultraviolet range and allow for relatively compact hardware (vision correction surgery such as LASIK). Through a process known as photoablation breakdown, the excimer laser changes the optical state of the eye by removing tissue from the anterior cornea. The excimer laser's ultraviolet radiation is used to destroy chemical bonds in the cornea without inflicting any thermal damage to the area tissue in this procedure. Khatib Eye Clinic has the best Excimer Laser WaveLight Mumbai.

WaveLight® refractive technology is used in Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK surgery, which integrates the latest surgical innovations into a process tailored to your perfect vision.

Low, moderate, and high hyperopia, as well as hyperopic astigmatism, appear to be safe and successful using the excimer laser and recommended by all the doctors, with the advancement of technology this eye treatment has become simple and easy.