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What a wonderful experience with KEC! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition.

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I will start by thanking the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai and their wonderful and supremely talented doctors for helping me get my eyesight back. They are the best in the town. They dealt with their patients with lots of warmth, patience and good technology.
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I have been their patient for more than 10 years and I am fully satisfied. Do visit here for the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai.
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I have done Cataract and contouring surgery. Very minimal pain only on the first day. Thanks to the staff in the best cataract hospital in Mumbai because of which I was able to overcome lasik and contouring surgery very easily as I was very scared before.
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I was a little skeptical at first about my daughter's pediatric eye specialist in Mumbai, however the excellent panel of optometrists at ojas eye hospital cleared all my doubts. The entire process right from registration to the final surgery went smoothly and was assisted by the benign and admirable staff.
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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai, most people see better 1 to 3 days after surgery. But it could take 3 to 10 weeks to get the full benefits of surgery and to see as clearly as possible. Your doctor may send you home with a bandage, patch, or clear shield on your eye. This will keep you from rubbing your eyes.

According to the pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai, although toric intraocular lenses are considered a “premium” option—one that can have a profound impact on a patient's vision—they involve far fewer potential visual tradeoffs than premium options such as multifocal IOLs. Nevertheless, they do require making some extra effort and managing the occasional pitfall.

According to best cataract hospital in Mumbai doctor, existing systematic reviews have generally concluded that multifocal IOLs result in better uncorrected near vision and greater spectacle independence, but more unwanted visual phenomena such as glare and halos, compared to monofocal IOLs.

According to the pediatric eye specialist in Mumbai, multifocal IOLs improve near, intermediate, and far-distance vision, varying with the lens model chosen. In many cases, after having the lenses implanted, people no longer need to wear corrective lenses to see clearly. No upkeep or routine replacement necessary. The results of multifocal IOLs are long-lasting.