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What a wonderful experience with KEC! Your doctor will make the best effort possible to diagnose your eye condition.

iol in eye surgery Mumbai


Iol eye surgery Mumbai doctor is very humble and considerate. Overall the experience was great. A special thanks to Dr Niteen and his entire staff.
iol in eye surgery Mumbai


I had my iol in eye surgery Mumbai done at Khatib eye clinic. I was very freaked out for the operation but trust me it's painless and a quick 15 min surgery I've had amazing experience right from pre tests to the main operation.
iol implant eye Mumbai


Toric iol implantation Mumbai doctors and staff are very helpful and pay heed to every query doctor is a very experienced eye surgeon with excellent expertise and I felt really comfortable with him during my surgery.
iol implant eye Mumbai


Had a very great experience getting my iol implant eye in Mumbai. The entire process from getting my eyes checked to getting into the operating theatre was quick and convenient and so was the operation itself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the iol eye surgery Mumbai doctor, cataract surgery cannot be reversed, since the cloudy natural lens of the eye is removed during a cataract procedure and cannot be put back in.

According to the iol in eye surgery Mumbai doctor, lens replacement surgery is usually not painful while you are undergoing treatment. This is because your doctor will numb your eye with anesthetic. If the idea of eye surgery bothers you, you might feel uncomfortable during the procedure. This is why it's important to relax during your treatment.

According to the toric iol implantation Mumbai doctor, the condensed answer is, no. A cataract is essentially the clouding of the eye's natural lens and cataract surgery is the complete removal of this clouded lens, followed by its replacement with an IOL (intraocular lens).

According to the iol implant eye Mumbai doctor, cataract surgery successfully restores vision in the majority of people who have the procedure. People who've had cataract surgery may develop a secondary cataract.